Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to the lab again

I like that song, OK?


What a boring game. I mean, it wasn't boring. We played the Habs. Canadiens games are never boring. It was, though, boring in the sense that it was a mediocre game on both sides, and usually, the Sabres and Habs bring their best to the table when they play each other. I'm used to back-and-forth, end-to-end, fastfastfast action, with scoring chances up the whazoo. (OK, so they don't bring their best defense to the table, but still.) All I got from this game was one big, "Meh."

Anyway, I thought that Lalime played very well aside from some rebound control issues (sounds familiar), and that 5-on-3 kill was... my favorite thing ever, possibly. I wanted to hug Lydman and Rivet after that, especially Lydman. In fact for the remainder of the game after that, I had to continually remind myself that the Sabres were, in fact, losing 3-2, and not winning 4-3 or 5-3. The Canadiens would almost score, and I'd think to myself, "It's OK if they score. We're still winning. They'll only maybe tie it. Oh. Wait." It was ridiculous... But that is just how awesome I thought that PK was. Four blocked shots is just disgusting any way you look at it.

Vanek was back to normal Vanek tonight after that poor showing last night. Not only did he score two goals, but he could have had five. That's what I'm used to seeing. I really desperately wanted him to get the hatty, though. For weeks, every time I've updated my Facebook status, I've thought, "Dude. I really want Vanek to score a hat trick against the Habs so I can change this thing to, 'et les TROIS buts de Thomas Vanek!' and laugh at Canadiens fans in general." When he got that second goal tonight, not gonna lie, I didn't think, "Vanek is so awesome!" or "I love Thomas Vanek!" or even "What a sweet sick nasty goal from Thomas Vanek!" No. I thought, "That much closer to having my dream status!" Pathetic of me? Yes. But I don't care.

I also have to hand it to the officials tonight, because they actually called things on the Canadiens, and I didn't see any blatant missed calls except for two, and they were one for each team, so that was a wash. Usually... Well, come on. We all know how officiating usually goes in Montreal. It's just a given. Expected. So I was pleasantly surprised tonight to see that they actually kinda sorta did their jobs and didn't ignore every single freakin' penalty on the God's-gift-to-mankind Montreal Canadiens. Well done, good sirs. Well done.

I don't have any major complaints about tonight, beyond my strong opinion that if the Sabres had been just a bit more physical (and by just a bit, I mean A LOT), they would have easily won this game, just because that's how you beat the Habs; and after quite a few games this year, we all know that they do, in fact, have it in them to hit other teams into oblivion.

And, now, to shower, pack, and get ready to head back to college tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to leaving. In my ideal world, I would make my college be right here, so I could have my friends and Buffalo together and never have to... choose. Because it's sad when I come home and go through a Tim Horton's drive thru and think, "Holy crap! That chick's got a ridiculously strong accent!" when really, it's not strong at all, just standard fare for a Buffalonian.

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Shelby Rose said...

Maybe it's because I'm bias, but I didn't think Vanek played that badly against the Penguins. There was effort there, but he just couldn't get anything in (on his own, anyways. That goal they gave him was so Staffy's.)

Oh, and the hit factor definitely could've helped out the Sabres. I'm pretty sure they outhit both Boston AND Pittsburgh, and won both games. Last night they were outhit, and what do you know? They lose.